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Dr Ian Hay - Now Retired From The Practice


Destiny determines some decisions!

Dr Hay regrettably has had to stand down from clinical practice due to impaired vision, following a detached retina and subsequent corrective surgery.  

He will however not be severing all links and will remain as an Honorary Consultant to the Practice, providing as always invaluable advice to his Associates and hopefully if his sight continues to improve, the occasional clinic cover.

He would like, as we would, to thank you all for your support for his practice over the years and of course reassure you that Dr Andy Raffles and Associates will continue to provide ongoing and excellent care where necessary.

Dr Ian Hay MB Ch B, FRCPCH, FCP(Paeds), MMed, Dipl Health Services Management.

Ian is the grandson of Scottish migrants to South Africa and qualified in Medicine at The University of Pretoria.

He was awarded the prize for the best student in Internal Medicine much to his father’s delight and surprise!

After qualifying he worked as a Missionary Hospital doctor at Jane Furse Anglican Memorial Hospital in Sekhukhuneland where he cared for all the paediatric inpatients. Wards of 80 beds for the under 5s, 20 beds for the over 5s and a 50 bed ward for children with tuberculosis where his sole responsibility. He also participated in the Obstetric, A&E Unit and Anaesthetic services. During this time he developed a love for Paediatrics and planned to specialise.

He completed Senior House Officer training in Ipswich and in Oxford and then returned to South Africa where he completed his training in Paediatrics and Child Health. In Oxford he met Dr Raymond Brown who was his Registrar and was very generous in sharing his paediatric knowledge and skills. His respect for Raymond encouraged him to offer him an Associate post in the Practice once it was expanding to form a Chamber of Paediatricians.

In South Africa he was employed as a Consultant in the Department of Paediatrics at The Pretoria University Medical School. His clinical interests were in the fields of Neonatology, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine and Paediatric Intensive Care. Young Paediatricians are attracted to blood, oxygen and clinical drama and these rotations were ideal learning opportunities to care for really ill children.

A new Medical School –The Medical University of Southern Africa – invited Ian to be the Founder Professor and Head of Department in 1980. This was a very exciting challenge as it had wonderful facilities and promised to become the first truly democratic and  non-racial Medical School in South Africa. This was at the unhappy time of Apartheid.  His involvement in Paediatric Medicine then shifted to Medical Education, Research, Health Service development and Community Orientated Programme development. Students from the whole of Southern Africa were welcomed and the outreach opportunities to neighbouring countries developed.  

After 11 years at Medunsa he was invited as Associate Professor to The University of Pretoria to implement the Problem Orientated and Community based undergraduate curriculum that had been developed at Medunsa. He was appointed Deputy Dean of the medical faculty there and was the Chairman of The South African College of Paediatrics.

A university sabbatical to Belgium provided an opportunity to re-establish contact with Dr Stanley Rom who had been an Associate Professor at Medunsa. This led to an invitation to consider a move to the UK and an opportunity to work at The Portland Hospital.


He started the paediatric practice at The Portland in 2000 and happily this has grown into a Chamber of Associate  Paediatricians who share the same vision, expertise and enthusiasm. The Portland Hospital has been very supportive and it has been very pleasing to see how outstanding Paediatric services have developed over the years.


He worked as a Consultant Community Paediatrician in Hertfordshire at the invitation of Dr Andy Raffles. This cemented a happy friendship and a mutual respect clinically. Andy is a very experienced and well respected Consultant Paediatrician, and was enthusiastic in joining Dr Ian Hay Ltd Practice as an Associate.  He has more recently become the Lead Consultant.


The Practice has been wonderfully supported throughout by the superb Practice Management services provided by Mrs Marie Hopson and more recently, with the aid of her excellent team encouraged to take entrepreneurial risks by Ian!


In addition to clinical responsibilities to the Neonatal services Ian is the current Chairman of Clinical Governance Committee at The Portland Hospital. This group is tasked with promoting patient safety and reducing the risk of recurrence of harm at the hospital.

He is married to Heather and they are now UK citizens.


They have two sons and a daughter (Nature Conservationist in Malawi, Engineer in South Africa and a Graphic designer in London) They are blessed with three grandsons  Dylan, Elliot and James.

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